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Team: Naturtrüb
Projecttitel: Drunken Dad Simulator
Genre: Sandbox
Perspective: Third-Person
Target audience: 16+
Gamemode: Singleplayer
Platforms: PC
Controls: Gamepad
Engine: Unreal

Game Vision
In DrunkenDadSimulator you play a drunken bear who has to look for his beer bottles on a children's birthday party. Here he leaves a lot of chaos and all kinds of strange things happen.

• Third-Person (e.g. Octodad, Conker's Bad Fur Day)
• Anthropomorphic (e.g. Meet the Feebles, Super Lucky's Tale)
• Sandbox (e.g. Goat Simulator)

Robert Kram (Production)
Denny Jonas (Technical Art)
Steven Drust (Enviroment Art)
Roger Kellerhals (3D Art)
Benjamin Krall (Programming)

StatusIn development


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Drunken_Dad_Simulator.zip 226 MB


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Really funny and silly, 9/10 XD

Love how simple the sound effects are yet they sound so good 😂 has lots of fun playing this! Super enjoyable 🙂 


So so stupid and so much fun because of it :D

Even with a crash or two.

Thanks for all the fun.



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This game might just be one of my favorites! Hilarious and nice video for my little channel!

Please check it out if you want


is bear


dad is Bear drunken vodka drinking russian bear

Yeah, it is xd


This was funny and a lot of fun.


I'm a good person.

This was really fun, we enjoyed it very much !!!


Loved it!!!!!!


awesome game!!! Lets get drunkkkk booiiiissss


I made a little video for my French YouTube channel ! Nice game ! :D


Loved it <3


Really fun game, had a lot of fun playing it. I see a lot of potential if you'd expand it and make more levels, kinda like Suicide Guy style. 

Loved it, great job! 


What a fun short game, quite enjoyable. The movement especially feels very fluid, good job, thank you.


Hey Guys i make a Gameplay Video of the Game (german) have a look. Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein Leute.


Such a funny game! So glad I got around to playing it just wish my computer ran it smoother!

Great game, but i noticed one of the rabbit said "sopan dikit dong", is it just me or are you guys from asean?


finally got around to playing this for my channel! It deserved to be the first non-horror let’s play for me! Good times are had


This game is so ridiculous and fun to play that I had to play again. Honestly, this game has potential to become like another octodad game if it added a story and more levels as I was disappointed how short the game was. I go into more detail in my video. I hope you enjoy and I hope to see more of your games in the future. 


This was so much fun to make, would love to see more stages and more drunken action!

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2 games in 1 :)

0.00 - Drunken Dad Simulator

5.18 - Breach & Clean

Click HERE for more videos like this one!


It's a good game of humor ! The gameplay is fun with good graphics.


I had a blast playing this game, really funny and just an overall good time. If you are looking for something simple that will make you laugh, give this game a try. 


Crazy Drunk Guy Drunken Dad Simulator

had heaps of fun with this game got some awesome funny moments i really like the idea of this game as well
check out my gameplay if you d like? :D


Don't mind me! Just your friendly neighborhood drunk here to liven up the party!


I noticed a heck of a lot of Octo dad inspiration from this, wacky controls and all! I had a blast playing, was short and great from what it was, the game looked clean and I didnt expect it to be as fun but WOOO IT WAS ECSTATIC thank you for letting me have the chance to play your game! good luck in the future followed for more support! keep going! :D 




Ha! This was hilarious!

Love this game

Drunken Dad Simulator is probably the most accurate simulation of a drunken bear dad at a birthday party anyone will play this year. The gameplay itself is pretty fun as well, with silly physics and exploding lawn mowers. Overall, it's a good time.

Good job devs.

Cool game gave it a try.

I mean, it's unique i guess?

Why no Linux version :P





This is the most fun I have had in a while. This was a great game.


This game was pretty fun to play,  Graphics are Good and Controlls are great!


Surprisingly hard

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